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RFQ : Please contact to or Skype ( to get a quotation.

1. Ink Development

We provide dedicated ink development service for your business, especially printing on special substrate and for extra eco friendly performance sucha printing for children.

2. OEM Printing Service

We provide OEM printing service for rigid material by UV and ecosolvent flatbed printing.   Please refer to "APPLICATION" in the service chapter of our homepage.


3. Repair Service

We support to repair all flatbed printer by online technical support team or sending our team to your location.  

Also provide upgrading service to UV flatbed direct printer from Ecosolvent based flatbed printer 


S1  Online Repair Service
Service 1

Free of Charge

S2  Visiting Repair Service
Service 2

US$ 1,000.00 + The actual expenses

(Pay for Transportation + Meal)

S3  Visiting Upgrade Service
Service 3

US$ 3,000.00 + The actual expenses

(Pay for Transportation + Meal)

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